The Echidna Global Scholars Program for Scholars from developing countries

October 3, 2016 | By HIGHER EDUCATION NY

The Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution seeks to build the evidence base on girls’ education policies and programs in developing countries. This program is designed to offer guest scholars from developing countries the opportunity to pursue their own independent research on global education issues with a specific focus on girls’ education. Echidna scholars will also be supported in developing or implementing a project in which findings from the research are piloted. 

During their residency from early July 2017, to mid-November 2017, at the Brookings Institution, Echidna scholars will work with the Center staff on developing their specific research project and may then work with the Brookings communications team to develop a strategy for policy impact.  They will also participate in professional development training and networking opportunities.  Echidna scholars will draw on the resources of Brookings’ scholars, as well as the extended public policy community in Washington, D.C. by participating in additional meetings and conferences and networking with the broader development community. 

Application deadline: October 31, 2016
Results finalized: March, 2017
Tentative Residency Term: July 10, 2017 to November 17, 2017

Additional information on program requirements available here.

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