BNF Wins Stanford Prize for Innovation

February 28, 2013 | By French Culture
Bibliothèque nationale de France

This week, the Bibliothèque nationale de France become one of the first recipients of the new Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries (SPIRL). The prize was created to recognize efforts to transform research libraries for the through innovative "programs, projects...[and] improved services that...benefit readers and users."

The Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library in Spain was also given top honors this year, while Australia’s Griffith University and the New York Public Library received commendations.  The BnF was recognized for two programs in particular, the Gallica Library and the Data Digital Library.  The Gallica Library is a digital archive dedicated to French cultural heritage and specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary scholars. Incorporating the Gallica collection, among many others, the Data Digital program incorporates Semantic Web technology in order to make the BnF 's holdings more easily accessible through popular search engines like Google.

For more information on the prize and recipient visit the SPIRL site here

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