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Tom Bishop, Director
Sandra Adams, Administrator
Lise Landeau, Administrative Aide


The Center coordinates the four French activities of New York University: The Department of French; the Institute of French Studies; La Maison Française; New York University in France.


The Center is the focal point within New York University of all French activities—academic, research, cultural, extracurricular. It is equally the focal point for inter university contacts, both within the network and beyond it.


Within the framework of the network, the Center’s principal research and outreach activities are focused on the culture, literature, civilization (politics, history, institutions, society) of modern and contemporary France, that is, from the beginning of the 20th Century to the present.
The Department of French’s research activities include every area of French literature, especially the Middle Ages and the 19th Century (in addition to contemporary). The additional areas for the Institute of French Studies include the 19th Century, questions of immigration, and post-colonial studies. New York University in France organizes a number of research seminars in film, literature, and civilization and specializes in Franco-American relations. La Maison Française is the site for our public activities in New York.


Center for french Civilization and culture
19 University Place, Room 600
New York, NY 10003-4556

New York University projects

The sense of sound


The sense of soundProject2017 Project submitted by New York University | Embassy of France support: $ 9000Project coordinator:Summary of the Project

Screenwriting and Literature: Hommage to Jean-Claude Carrière


Screenwriting and Literature: Hommage to Jean-Claude Carrière2016 Project submitted by New York University | Embassy of France support: $15 000,00Project coordinator: Tom BishopSummary of the ProjectIn the dynamics of bringing to the screen a work of literature, be it a novel, a non fiction work or a theater piece, the screenplay is the crucial element which allows for the successful transition from one domain to another.

Re-Thinking literature


2013 Project submitted by New York University Total costs of the project: $48.950 Embassy of France support: $25.000 Partners: - New York University – Dept of French - Florence Gould Foundation - Institut Francais