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Director: Professor Lewis Seifert
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The Center of Excellence of Brown University is housed at the Cogut Center for the Humanities.


The Center of Excellence, housed at the Cogut Center for the Humanities, aims to integrate existing research and teaching connected with France and establish a framework through which these activities can be facilitated and promoted. For each academic year, the Center invites project proposals that meet one or more of the goals specified by the Embassy of France: enhancing the status of France within European Union studies, promoting France-US relations through interdisciplinary teaching programs, encouraging public-private and research partnerships with France, innovating in the realm of outreach activities to encourage student interest in France.

The Center of Excellence is overseen by a Governing Board composed of the following faculty from across the University:  Mark Blyth (Watson Insitute), Sheila Bonde (History of Art and Architecture), Maud Mandel (Dean of the College/History/Judaic Studies), Ourida Mostefai (Comparative Literature/ French Studies), Marc Redfield (Comparative Literature), and Lewis Seifert (French Studies).


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Department of French studies

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Brown University projects

Islam and the French: religion and laïcité in the public sphere


Islam and the French: religion and laïcité in the public sphereProject2017 Project submitted by Brown University | Embassy of France support: $ 2000Project coordinator: Lewis SeifertSummary of the Project